Photography changes our way of seeing the world, of feeling and perceiving reality. It fosters intense processes of personal self-knowledge, knowing who we are and what we can do with who we are, a fundamental resource for the achievement of happiness.
Photographs taken during the PHOTOGRAPHY TO GET TO KNOW YOURSELF training by the participants.

What is a self-portrait for?

A self-portrait can be an instrument to get to know oneself, a way of exposing our body but it also manifests the feeling and the intimate way of being. A self-portrait is a map of your intimate world, a statement of intentions, a testimony about who you are and how you show yourself.

ANDANAfoto pioneer, launches a course of self-knowledge through photography for WhatsApp

Today, more than ever in history, we have the possibility to take pictures any time. We create images quickly and easily. We create images because we can. ANDANAfoto takes one more step in the design of innovative photography workshops, we have created the first workshop of self-knowledge through photography for WhatsApp.
With a previous €15 registration, each participant will receive everyday the contents on their own WhatsApp, with the aim of knowing the potential of photography as a tool of self-knowledge, communication and transformation.

Photography as a social function

Photography as a social function is a discipline that promotes change and social development, social cohesion, and the empowerment and liberation of people. The principles of social justice, human rights, collective responsibility and respect for diversity (…) involve people and structures to face life’s challenges and increase well-being.

Photography and self-knowledge

Look the picture. Ask to it. Are you?
Photography speaks about aspirations and challenges, of a way of looking at life: it defines individuality. Contemplating photographs we realize that we are contemplating ourselves. And that’s the key: to realize.