Psychologist, photographer and teacher. She has more than 20 years of experience in community intervention and social integration. He investigates and accompanies people who are committed to photography as a strategy to enhance their creativity and as a tool for personal growth, he develops an important informative work through articles, masterclasses and courses in subjects such as photography and psychology or the accompaniment of photographic projects personal. She is the author of the book "Photography to grow up. Practical guide to teaching photography in childhood and adolescence" and "Discover photography. Look, create and enjoy from childhood".

ANDANAfoto pioneer, launches a course of self-knowledge through photography for WhatsApp

Today, more than ever in history, we have the possibility to take pictures any time. We create images quickly and easily. We create images because we can. ANDANAfoto takes one more step in the design of innovative photography workshops, we have created the first workshop of self-knowledge through photography for WhatsApp.
With a previous €15 registration, each participant will receive everyday the contents on their own WhatsApp, with the aim of knowing the potential of photography as a tool of self-knowledge, communication and transformation.

Your gaze at nature

  Ansel Adams said that photography is not only done with the camera “you do it with all the images you have seen, with all the books you have read, with all the music you have listened to and with all the people you have loved”. We are totally convinced, that’s why on January 31,…