Photography by Mireia Vilaplana – Winner of the III Contest

ANDANAfoto annually announces its Photography Awards to promote photographic creation related to personal and social development, contributing to the recognition and visibility of artistic projects.

Established are five prizes of $200 USD. Additionally, each project will be part of the interactive book “EROS” from the collection “PHOTOGRAPHY TO GET TO KNOW YOURSELF”.

Registration is open to anyone who has participated in ANDANAfoto pieces of training. Photographic projects eligible for the award must be submitted in digital format by January 15, 2025, using the registration button enabled at the end of this page.


The theme for this third edition is “EROS”

The technique is free.



Participation is open to professional and non-professional photographers of any nationality.


  1. To be of legal age in your country.
  2. To have participated or is currently participating in one of the ANDANAfoto trainings, online or in person, as of 15 January 2025. If you have yet to participate in any training, you can register until the same day for one of our trainings.
  3. Should have yet to receive a prize in another contest.
  4. Each participant may submit only one project.


The Jury will only evaluate the work of participants who meet all the participation requirements.



Registration and submission of projects are only accepted by filling out the form enabled for this purpose on; you can access it from the button at the bottom of this page.

Each participant may submit a project with a minimum of 10 photographs and a maximum of 15.

The project and photographs presented will be original and should have yet to receive a prize in another contest.

Contestants certify the authorship of their work and take full responsibility for ensuring that there are no third-party rights or any claim for image rights of the work presented, exempting the Organization from any responsibility.

To participate, completing all fields of the REGISTRATION FORM is required.


Submission of the project is to be made through an anonymous dossier (in PDF format) with the following information:

  1. Explanatory text of the photographic project presented, with a minimum of 300.
  2. The images of the submitted project (minimum of ten and maximum of 15).
  3. Only the title of the proposed project must appear on the cover of the dossier.


After sending the registration form, a message will display indicating that the process has been completed successfully. You will also receive an email that will serve as proof of presentation and confirmation of your participation.

If you do not receive this email, please email to confirm we have received all documentation and obtain proof of participation.

The photographs and the documentation presented may not contain any identifying information of the authorship, and non-compliance will be considered grounds for exclusion from this contest.

The deadline for submitting photographs is January 15, 2025; the time zone of each participant will be considered.



Five prizes of USD 200 will be awarded along with a hard copy of the interactive book “EROS” (shipping costs included.)

The prizes will be subject to the current tax legislation of each country, applying legally established withholdings if necessary.

You can check the winning projects of the III ANDANAfoto 2024 Photography Contest at this link.



It constitutes three prestigious national and international professionals whose decisions will be final.


Michael TenBrink (b. 1972) is an American writer and photographer based in Italy. Originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan, he spent 25 years working in journalism and marketing in Nashville and San Francisco in fields including architecture, law, accounting, and the music industry. In 2011, he became a Certified Professional Services Marketer by the Society for Marketing Professional Services.

At the age of 50, Michael followed his heart and moved from California to Italy to pursue a Master in Photography. He graduated from Raffles Istituto Moda e Design in Milan, with his final thesis receiving an “Excellent” evaluation (the highest possible rating). In 2023, his project “Ticking Away” was published by Black Camera, the online Italian photography magazine. In 2024, his project “Breakdown” received the ANDANAfoto Photography Contest award.

Michael recently self-published (through Blurb) a memoir called “Born Again,” in which he undertakes an unflinching exploration of how he was impacted on a mental, emotional, and physical level by his fundamentalist Christian upbringing. He pairs his writing with striking images from a deeply personal nude photo shoot with photographer Sohan Sam, in which Michael relives the condemnation of his past before washing himself clean.

In his Substack newsletter, “The Way I See It,” Michael shares personal essays on a variety of topics, accompanied by his photography. Through his work, he aims to connect more deeply with himself and the world around him, as well as to foster a sense of connection and community with his readers. You can follow along at

Michael and his husband live in Milan with their dog, Bibi. (Photograph of Michael by Kari Orvik).


Carmen López San Segundo is a professor in the area of Communication and Audiovisual Creation at the Department of Sociology and Communication, part of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Salamanca.

She holds a PhD with International Mention from the ‘Training in the Knowledge Society’ program at the same university. Her interdisciplinary profile emerges from the convergence of Communication, History, Art, and Education, which has enabled her to develop research lines that explore audiovisual heritage as a cultural and scientific asset, audiovisual and cultural communication, media archaeology, as well as photography and education within the context of intercultural communication.

She is crucial as Coordinator and Scientific Advisor for the FotoC3 project, focusing on ‘citizenship, creativity, and care’. This project has been recognized as a Good Practice in Teaching and Social Responsibility (BPRS-001/D-004) by the Observatory of Good Practices and Continuous Improvement at the University of Salamanca. More details about the project can be found at FotoC3.

Furthermore, she is an active member of various scientific societies and research networks. Among these, the European Society for the History of Science, the European Academic Heritage Network, the Scientific Collections Network of the University of Salamanca, and the Service-Learning Network of the same institution stand out.

She is charged with leading significant scientific outreach initiatives, including the Scientific Heritage Days at the University of Salamanca and the creation of the Linternauta web application, which is a result of the European project ‘A Million Pictures’. This application was selected by the Fair of European Innovators in Cultural Heritage as one of the key contributions during the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage Program. She has also been an essential part of the team responsible for coordinating the National Association for the Teaching of Photography (ANEF) She has also been an essential part of the team responsible for coordinating the National Association for the Teaching of Photography (ANEF) between 2021 and 2023.


Mónica Lozano Mata (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 1971).

Graduated in Audiovisual Image Sciences from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and PhD in Photography Theory from the Universidad de Murcia. Professor of photography at the School of Art of Murcia since 1995, but also taught for nine years at the Faculty of Communication of the Universidad de Murcia.

In 2007, she created Cienojos, a blog on current photography that in 2010 became a cultural association, from which she directed numerous projects and events to promote contemporary photography. In 2013 she finished this project to focus on research and teaching, although she continues to collaborate in the field of cultural management, as a graphic editor, jury member or exhibition curator.

More information:


Each participant will receive information on the result via the enrolled email, and the awarded projects will be published on the website and social networks.



The book “EROS” from the IV ANDANAfoto Photography Contest Awards will include all the winning projects, the texts contributed to each of them, and other texts related to photography as a tool for personal development.

You can find all the information about the book YOU ARE WHAT YOU LOOK AT, corresponding to the III ANDANAfoto Photography Contest, here.



  • Admission deadline: January 15, 2025 at 11:59 p.m.
  • Publishing of results: March 2025.
  • Awards ceremony and presentation of the book “EROS”: Pending date.


In the two days following the communication of the jury’s decision, the winners must send the photographs in digital format for incorporation into the book-catalog. (300pp and minimum short side 17cm).



Participation in this contest implies full acceptance of each rule, the Jury’s unappealable decision, and the explicit waiver of any subsequent claim.

The organizing entity may use the winning project in the creation of the interactive book “EROS” and the dissemination in the different activities related to this or subsequent contests. This transfer of non-exclusive rights implies that ANDANAfoto will have the right to reproduce and display the photographs of the winning projects, without limit in time or place, in any means or publication, always mentioning the author.

The Organization is empowered to resolve any contingency not provided for in these rules without any claim regarding its decisions.





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