Images build our stories, forge our personality, cement our memory, images can teach us to look at life from different perspectives and help us understand our own history.


ANDANAfoto annually announces its Photography Awards to promote photographic creation related to personal and social development, contributing to the recognition of artists in their different stages of creative development.

Additionally, through these awards, ANDANAfoto promotes the public visibility of award-winning projects and artists by disseminating the work and publishing the interactive book  “You are what you look at” from the collection “Photography To Get To Know Yourself”.

80 artistic and autobiographical projects from all over the world participated in this edition.

On January 19, 2024, Carlota Visier, Pablo Couso and Kezia Carpenter, members of the jury of the III ANDANAfoto 2024 Photography Contest, unanimously agreed on the following awards:


The artist narrates the search for the lost essence of the grandmother in a deserted house. Among photo albums and family objects, the silent presence of the grandmother awakens. An intimate connection is woven with the fragments of life she left behind. Each room becomes a sanctuary, each object a living testimony of her existence. Through this journey, the presence of those we love is revealed, even when they are not physically there.

BREAKDOWN – Michael TenBrink

He narrates the experience of a nervous breakdown that triggers an intense emotional reaction, including rage and discouragement, leading him to a feeling of loss of control. However, he finds catharsis and liberation by enjoying a photo shoot in abandoned spaces, a metaphor for his inner space.

ADAPTATION – Mary Anne Mitchell

The photographer explores how her husband’s diagnosis of the disease has altered her perspective on life, using analogue film to rediscover images from a new perspective. This project is a profound exploration of loss and the mysterious beauty of life changes.

BIG BANG – Mireia Vilaplana Banqué

Addressing the impact of migraine, a debilitating disease hidden by social stigma, with no effective treatments, the Big Bang Project exposes this reality through black and white self-portraits, honouring those who suffer in silence, including the author. These distanced self-portraits represent migraine with symbolic and conceptual elements, allowing us to explore universal aspects of the human experience and challenging the lack of understanding by making invisible suffering visible.

INJERTOS – Adriana Mosquera Sarmiento

She talks about how simple actions, such as wrapping, covering or bandaging, are special gestures that are part of life in the city. The author values ​​these gestures as “grafts”, something like gluing new pieces onto the skin of the city. She invites us to reflect on how we live together in the city and how we use simple actions to care for and modify spaces.

Our heartfelt congratulations go to the winners. We extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who participated in this edition. Your work has been remarkable, brimming with enthusiasm and authenticity, and we genuinely felt the impact of your contributions.

In the interactive eBook “You are what you look at” from the collection “Photography to get to know yourself”, you will be able to learn about the projects, texts and formats of the 5 winning artists of the III ANDANAfoto 2024 Photography Contest, which inspire 5 reflections for your personal development, 5 photographic exercises and recommended music. Poetry, texts, phrases and actions complete this formative experience.