Be part of a formative, sonorous and visual experience through your phone.

Workshop taught in English

Start, 12th of January 2022.

You will receive on your phone potential photography that will be a tool for your self knowledge, communication and personal development.

With fundamental theories based on psychology and the creative processes of contemporary art, you will receive the first message on the 12th of January, and every Monday, Wednesday and Friday until the 21th of February, audios with information, exercises, activities and music. You will get to know artists that have worked with their bodies, their worries and their lives.

It does not have a fixed schedule, you can enjoy the experience with total freedom. You will receive a total of 24 sessions on your phone, to listen, read and observe the contents of each session you will need between 10 and 15 minutes each day, you decide when to consult them and carry out the proposed activities.

From your own personal experience you will discover that with your photographs you can create a process of growth, communication and create more personal and authentic photographs.

I invite you to start this experience with an open and curious way of seeing things; think of it as a game: without any type of consideration, without accepting or rejecting anything, only living every message you receive and enjoying the journey that supposes meeting someone for the first time.

Who it’s directed to

  • People who want to enjoy a different experience, approaching visual culture and photographic expression as a tool for discovery, self knowledge and personal development.


  • If you want to obtain resources to enhance your creativity in photography, but also explore your artistic expression and development in writing, painting or performing arts.

How it works

  • Click on the inscribe button to fill in the inscription.
  • You will receive a confirmation email. If you haven’t received it, look in your spam.
  • On the WhatsApp before the start of the course you will receive a welcome message on your phone. To continue receiving messages from us you must save the phone number that you receive the message from into your contacts. If you are using Telegram you can access to the Chanel after finalizing the subscription or by the link sent to your email account.
  • On the day it starts you will start receiving the content through WhatsApp or Telegram , any doubts, suggestions or recommendations please feel free to inform us using the email address
  • You will need a phone with WhatsApp o telegram and a camera, the camera on your phone is totally valid.
  • You can send this experience to someone as a gift with a personalized message and will start on the day you indicated.

The best wisdom that exists is knowing yourself



Amparo Muñoz Morellà (Valencia-Spain)

Psychologist and teacher.

Counts with more that 20 years of experience in community intervention and in social integration.

Investigates and accompanies people that put faith into photography as a strategy to empower their creativity and use it as a tool for personal growth, it develops an important disclosed task through articles, masterclasses and courses with subjects like photography and psychology or with personal photography projects. Joint with Javier Sancho Boils we have created ANDANAfoto and since 2015 share photography workshops with different organizations and admissions.

Author of the book “photography to grow” a practical guide to show photography from childhood up until adolescence and “Discover photography ” look, enjoy and create from your childhood.

Misha Armstrong

With the translation and voice of Misha Armstrong

All the contents of this workshop have been adapted into English by ANDANA and translated and voiced by Misha Armstrong.

People’s experiences


15€   $18   £13

The whole workshop, one payment.

A Workshop where you get to know yourself through photography

Make every day of a special day

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Thank you very much for your interest, the registration period for this training has ended.
However, write to in case there are places left and your participation is still possible.
Again, thank you very much for being here and making it possible.


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Frequent questions

How do you get to know yourself?

The content of this formative experience has been created using theories and practical exercises that you would do individually. From Monday to Friday you will receive through WhatsApp or Telegram training, inspiration, artists, music and exercises. Your own work creates a revealing “ realizing of who you are“

What changes from WhatsApp to Telegram?

In both cases the content is the same and the thing they have in common is that you will receive the notifications on your phone and in both cases your phone number is not visible to anyone. The main difference is the way you receive and manage the message during the training.

WhatsApp: You will receive the content on your phone from a distribution list, that is why it is important to save the phone number into your contact as soon as you receive the first message from us, otherwise WhatsApp will think it is spam and you will not receive any following messages. When you finalize the course the content will stay stored on your phone, make sure you download the audios ( listen to them for a bit), if your audios are configured to not download automatically any audio you don’t download WhatsApp will automatically delete after about 30 days from their server.

Telegram: You will receive the content on your phone through a Telegram channel, you will need to access this channel through the link that will show on the screen as soon as you complete the subscription and the link it will be sent to your email account. The content apart from saving on your phone it saves on Telegram for at least 2 months after finalizing the course.

Will my exercises be supervised?

The process of getting to know yourself is an intimate and individual journey. The exercises will accompany you and temporarily help you to focus on the things your looking at and exploring. Getting to know yourself through photography can only be done by an autobiographical and intimate process, a space that is only yours and only you will do the interpretations, projects and insights necessary for your work.

This is a ludicrous formative experience for getting to know yourself better and personal development. ANDANAfoto is not responsible for any therapeutic purposes.

How to enjoy this experience?

To enjoy this course there are some important facts you will need to take into consideration:

  • You will receive messages and you will not be able to answer them. Any questions or enquiries about the course you can do it by sending us an email to
  • I recommend you to listen to every message in a peaceful and quiet place whenever you have a bit of intimacy.
  • I suggest you use earphones, listen to the songs, look at the images and check out the artists that inspire you the most on social media.

Can I share my experience?

You can find other people on Instagram enjoying the same experience as you with a hashtag that you will receive in the first message. In the account @andanafoto you will be able to see the images other people have decided to share enjoying the same experience. If you feel like sharing some or all of your work feel free to post it and mention us.

I don’t have a reflex

Do not worry! It’s not necessary. These days the majority of our day to day photos are with mobile phones. We create, share and communicate with it, it’s an excellent tool.

What time will I receive the messages?

The time slot for the messages you will receive is from 16.00 until 19.00 (GTM+1). At this time everyone will receive the messages on the same day despite what country you come from.

Are there limited places?

Yes, due to WhatsApp and the features of the course the places are limited.

If the course is full we will post it on this website to notify you.

Will my telephone number be visual to other members?

No, through WhatsApp you will receive the content where you will be on a diffusion list and with Telegram you will receive the content through a channel, in both cases this represents your privacy.

What are the payment methods?

You can pay with a credit or debit card or with PayPal. In both cases payment is secured with a SSL code.

Any doubts or problems finalizing your subscription? Write to us at