An auditory and visual experience designed to train your visual literacy and photographic expression through the practice of self-portraiture.

Workshop taught in English

An auditory and visual experience designed to train your visual literacy and photographic expression through the practice of self-portraiture.

Workshop taught in English

Start: February 21, 2024.

Online Workshop

Photography changes our way of seeing the world, of feeling and perceiving reality, through fostering intense self-knowledge processes. Knowing who we are and what we can do with who we are is fundamental for achieving happiness.

Self-portraiture is an instrument for self-knowledge, allowing individuals to reveal their bodies either privately or to others. It also serves to express emotions and convey one’s intimate essence. The artist and the model are one. In a self-portrait, every element is intentional; nothing is merely for aesthetics. A self-portrait is a map of our intimate world, a testimony about who we are and how we show ourselves.

In the SELF-PORTRAIT workshop, you will work on the potential of photography as a tool for self-knowledge and personal expression and development, using a theoretical foundation based on psychology and the creative processes of contemporary art.

You will learn about visual culture and delve into the works of artists who have used their bodies, fears, and life experiences to create compelling and transformative art. You will learn to express yourself with images and to produce photographs that make sense in an intimate and individual process.

The exercises will guide you and make focusing on what you will explore easier.

There is no fixed schedule; Once you have access to the content, you can enjoy the experience with total freedom. Starting on February 21 and until March 25, you will receive content every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The content will include audio recordings, inspiring artists, prompts for photographic exercises, and music recommendations for a total of 15 sessions. To listen to, read, and watch the content of each session, you will need between 10 and 15 minutes per day. You are in charge of deciding when to access the content and produce the suggested images.

The proposed sessions are: I Am Movement, I Am Body, I Am Skin, I Am Emotion, I Am Words, I Am Joy, I Am Strength, I Am Pain, I Am Mystery, I Am Tribe, I Am Gaze, I Am What I Imagine, I Am Shadow and Reflection, I Am Time, and I Am Rarity.

I invite you to start this experience with an open and curious mind. Look at yourself and set aside biases or judgments without immediately accepting or rejecting anything. Embrace each message you receive, immerse yourself in a journey through your emotions, unravel mysteries, and embrace your strength and life. Look at yourself as if you were doing it for the first time.

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Who is This Workshop for?

  • This workshop is tailored to individuals seeking to explore visual culture and photographic expression as a personal discovery and development tool through self-portraiture.


  • This training is for you if you want to boost your creative potential in photography and explore your artistic expression across various disciplines like writing, painting, or performing arts.

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“The purpose of art is not to depict the external appearance of things, but to convey their internal meaning; for therein lies the true reality.”



Amparo Muñoz Morellà

Psychologist and teacher.

With over two decades of expertise, Amparo studies and supports individuals who use photography to enhance their creativity and facilitate their personal growth. Through her work over the years, she has provided valuable information via articles, masterclasses, and courses covering topics that intersect photography and psychology and embarked on personal photography projects. In collaboration with Javier Sancho Boils, she has created ANDANAfoto. Since 2015, they have offered photography workshops with various organizations and platforms.

She is the author of the books “Fotografía para crecer. Guía práctica para enseñar fotografía en la infancia y adolescencia (Photography to Grow: A Practical Guide for Teaching Photography to Children and Adolescents)” and “Descubre la fotografía. Mirar, crear y disfrutar desde la infancia (Discover Photography: Look, Enjoy, and Create from your Childhood)”.

With the translation and voice of Denise Ponce

The contents of this workshop have been adapted into English by ANDANA and translated and narrated by Denise Ponce.

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How is this training different from PHOTOGRAPHY TO GET TO KNOW YOURSELF?

The training content in both proposals is unique and entirely different.

In the Photography to Get to Know Yourself workshop, you work on the potential of photography as a tool for self-knowledge, communication, and personal development, using a theoretical foundation based on psychology and the creative processes of contemporary art. You will create autobiographical images based on your life, thoughts, emotions, memory, and authenticity.

In Self-Portrait, the foundation and methodology are the same. However, the contents refer exclusively to self-portrait practices based on the concept of “I Am,” exploring the body itself and delving into everything we are intimately capable of being.

Both proposals include audio recordings, videos, images, and recommended music. You will learn about artists who have worked with their bodies, fears, and lives.

From your personal experience, you will discover that you can start more personal and authentic growth, communication, and creation processes with your photographs.

Once the training is completed, is the content still available?

Yes. The contents of the online training are permanently available on the training platform. You can review them whenever you want, as many times as you like. Everyone has their own pace.

How can I share my experience?

You can find images and words as meeting points on Instagram. You will receive a Hashtag for this purpose. By following this Hashtag and the @andanafoto account, you will see everything shared by the other people participating in this experience. If you want to share any content, simply post it and tag us.

I don't have an SLR camera.

Don’t worry. You don’t need one. We all take most of our daily photographs with our cell phones nowadays. We create, share, and communicate with these devices, so using them in this experience is valid.

Will my exercises be supervised?

The process of self-discovery is an intimate and individual journey. The exercises will accompany you and make it easier to temporarily focus on what you will explore. Getting to know yourself through photography is a deeply personal journey that requires autobiographical exploration and a sacred space that belongs solely to you. You can interpret, project, and gain insight into your work within this realm. If someone else made this interpretation, the process would no longer be yours and have the meaning it should have.

Remember that the more explanations you receive, the less space you will leave for your creativity and emotions. It is very important that you experience a sense of freedom and release any judgments regarding the images you create. Remember that every creation, without exception, is perfect because it is yours and bears your unique perspective.

This is an engaging and transformative experience that fosters self-discovery and personal growth. ANDANAfoto does not assume responsibility for using this training for therapeutic purposes.

Is there a set schedule for the workshop?

The workshop does not follow a fixed schedule. Once you have access to the content, you can enjoy the experience at your own pace.

An email with the link to the training platform will be sent to you. You are free to decide when to access the sessions and complete the suggested exercises.

How much time do I need to dedicate to this every day?

You will need 10 to 15 minutes to listen, read, and watch the contents you will receive. This is the minimum time you will have to invest each day. However, you can spend all the time you need with the contents.

What are the payment methods available?

You can pay by bank card (Credit or Debit), PAYPAL, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. In all cases, payments are secure with SSL encryption.

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