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The photographs involve us optically, neurologically, intellectually, emotionally, viscerally, psychically. They ask us for scrutiny and interpretation. They seduce and motivate us, propose ideas, transmit values ​​and build opinions. We look at certain photographs because they calm us or excite us, others solve problems for us, or create them, empower us or degrade us. Photographs foster empathy, but they can be just as effective in distancing us from what they represent. They are memory and forgetfulness. We tend to think of photos as rear view mirrors, but the reality is that photography moves us forward and changes everything. (Our personal translation of Marvin Heiferman’s text).

Images educate us, that is why we promote the teaching of visual culture and photographic expression in childhood and adolescence.

Since its founding, we have been part of the National Association for the Teaching of Photography (ANEF), an entity that promotes research and exchange of excellent and innovative didactic experiences.

If you love photography, education, personal development and social transformation, stay, you have found us.

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Amparo Muñoz Morellà

Psychologist, photographer and teacher. She has more than 20 years of experience in community intervention and social integration through artistic tools. He investigates and accompanies people who are committed to photography as a strategy to enhance their creativity and as a tool for personal growth and social inclusion, he develops an important informative work through articles, masterclasses and courses in subjects such as photography and psychology, inspiration and the authenticity and accompaniment of personal photographic projects. Author of the book “Fotografía para crecer. Guía práctica para enseñar fotografía en la infancia y adolescencia” y “Descubre la fotografía. Mirar, crear y disfrutar desde la infancia


Javier Sancho Boils

Javier Sancho Boils, Photographer, web designer and teacher, he teaches courses and conferences on the use of photography as a means to improve brand image and increase online positioning. Since 2016 he directs andanaSOLUTIONS, where it provides solutions in web design, photography and training to companies and people who need a quality internet presence and guarantees.
Autor del libro “Fotografía mejor para vender más, crea imágenes de calidad para tu tienda online y redes sociales” yDescubre la fotografía. Mirar, crear y disfrutar desde la infancia” . Professor of image for RRSS and e-commerce in the postgraduate “EXPERT IN RETAIL AND POINT OF SALE MANAGEMENT” at the European University of Valencia.



We collaborate

Entities that have trusted in our work and we collaborate
Asociación nacional para la enseñanza de la fotografía
Centre Pompidou Málaga
Consorci de museus de la generalitat valenciana
Fundación Diagrama
Imaginaria Fotografía en primavera
Librería Railowsky
Centre ocupacional 9 d octubre
Canet Crea
Expofoto Galicia
Fundación Bancaja
ASPRONA Valencia

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