mano andanafoto


Today, more than ever in history, we have the possibility to take photographs at any time. We create images quickly and easily. We create images because we can.

Any activity of our day-to-day can generate the impulse to create a photograph. That is why we live in an unprecedented mass of images. Photography is today the new universal language. Photos are memories, but also messages to send and exchange.

Photographs involve us optically, neurologically, intellectually, emotionally, viscerally, and psychically. Photography moves us forward and changes everything.


In this context, ANDANAfoto was born, an initiative motivated by this fundamental need and inspired by a vision based on art, social change and personal development using photography, the still image, as a resource based on its 3 Ps:


It is primary; a baby recognizes the image of the mother before learning to name it.

It is thought; we think in images, our memories, dreams or illusions are images.

It is power; throughout history who has managed the image has had a strong influence on the community. The image suggests, we can confirm it with commercial advertising of any kind. The images can become an educational strategy to train customers and fans. But also to make unfair situations visible and transform them.



With this starting point, we define THREE STRATEGIES:


  1. We are a meeting point for people who want to contribute to promoting personal and social development. For this purpose, we create a community with training processes and resources, generate activities and inspire projects to value the use of photography in social and personal settings.
  2. We defend the importance of photography as a creative tool, a meaningful and accessible artistic experience for all people, creating the opportunity to explore, with an active role, our lives and the world.
  3. We document our activities through blog posts, photographs and videos, with the aim to make all our projects accessible and available to the public, and the intention to stir the conscience by using photography as a tool for educational change, personal development and social transformation.


In this sense, we work with photography with THREE OBJECTIVES:


OBJECTIVE 1. Transform education

We promote the use of photography as a transversal tool in the educational system, as a didactic learning resource and adapted to the digital moment that we inhabit.

For this, we offer visual literacy in childhood and adolescence, for families and teachers, in two lines of work:


  1. Today more than ever it is important to educate in visual language and culture as training to develop a critical and reflective reading of what we are looking at, without forgetting the polysemy of the image.
  2. Educate in photographic expression as a tool to know the environment and oneself, as a strategy to tell the world from one’s own authenticity and truth. Because when we create an image with our mobile and share it, we are not only representing what we see, but we are building an image with everything we are.


That is why we teach photography workshops in childhood and adolescence, photographic project workshops for young people, we carry out training workshops for trainers in educational centers and we train online those professionals who want to teach their own workshops, with the specialization course to teach workshops of photography for children and young people.

We have written two books:

Descubre la fotografía. Mirar, crear y disfrutar desde la infancia. Javier Sancho Boils y Amparo Muñoz Morellà. Fotoruta

Fotografía para crecer. Guía práctica para enseñar fotografía en la infancia y la adolescencia. Amparo Muñoz Morellà. Andanafoto



OBJECTIVE 2. Promote photography as an effective tool for self-knowledge and personal development

Photography changes our way of seeing the world, of feeling and perceiving reality. It fosters intense processes of personal self-knowledge, knowing who we are and what we can do with who we are, a fundamental resource for the achievement of happiness.


We carry out an online specialization course in self-knowledge through photography as well as its face-to-face version.

We have created the methodology of training in photography and self-knowledge by WhatsApp through monthly training experiences:


PHOTOGRAPHY TO GET TO KNOW YOURSELF. A Photography-Based Online Workshop on Self-Discovery and Self-Knowledge


OBJECTIVE 3. Use the power of photography for social transformation

Photography is accessible and immediate, it makes visible and empowers. With images we can change some realities through community and participatory processes, achieving the inclusion of the most vulnerable people.

We collaborate with entities and administrations with photography as a tool for the social transformation of people at risk of social exclusion.


We cannot do all this alone. If you share our way of seeing photography, if you believe in the value of the image, then we invite you to read our blog, sign up for our newsletter, join our community on social networks and share whenever you can.

Together we can change everything. Thanks for being here.