Me doy permiso

True desires are a form of action

capable of influencing changes.


I propose you a photographic exercise that you can do with any type of camera, including mobile: I GIVE MYSELF PERMISSION.

With this exercise I invite you to think about yourself, to reflect, to grow, to go outside. It’s about exploring your self-knowledge and developing your creativity.

To do it, you only need to have a camera or mobile phone and give yourself permission.


Me doy permiso

One of the favorite tricks to not be creative is to say NO:

Being stingy with yourself is something we all do very well. Therefore, make a list of three things that you love, that you would like to do or achieve, but that you have not done or have not allowed yourself to do for a long time. Something like: going out to dance, rollerblading, meeting someone, painting,…

Stay tuned to see images of those things you like, of your desires. When you see them, photograph them and, if it has not been possible, assess how to represent them or express them photographicalli. It can be on the street or you may want to set up a scenography.

You will see how exciting it’s to see your own desires reflected. It would be great if you give yourself permission to do any of them.

With these photographs you are completing the file of images that speak of you, possibly some will be part of your Folder B. Add photographs to this file, always.

Shared desires are fulfilled. Don’t forget to share your photos with the people you love or on your social networks. If you want you can use #igivemyselfpermission @andanafoto


Dare yourself!

Give yourself permission!


There is a power, a vital force, an energy that translates into action for you. And since there is only one of your person in all the history of time, this expression is unique.

Martha Graham