“You don’t  do photography only with the camera.

You do it with all the images you’ve seen,

with all the books you’ve read,

with all the music you’ve heard,

with all the people you’ve loved.”

Ansel Adams


The time has come to use your camera as you have alway wanted: you image, project, visualize and it’s at this moment when you realize that the images you are seeing are much more similar to those you have generated in your mind. That is sinpiration.

To take memorable photos you must cultivate, read books, magazines, catalogs, visit exhibitions and immerse yourself in today’s photographic culture. Therefore, in our trainings and now on the blog, you will always find GET INSPIRED.

In “Get Inspired” we will accompany you in the development of your creativity, to experiment with greater freedom, to surrender to the imagination and rescue the best of yourself. You will meet recognised photographers, you will see that to take good photographs you need technical knowledge but also to find your own gaze and the pleasure of dreaming.



EInspiring spaces, exhibitions, museums that you can’t miss. Explore our suggestions and discover contemporary art and the most current photography.



From its origins photography has aroused the admirations and fascination of both scientists and artists, thanks to its innate ability to capture reality as our eyes perceive ir. Cinema, documentaries and series that will change your photographic perception, testimony of some of the most relevant figures in the world of photography worlwide.



A selection of the best press photography, catalogs and books that will enrich your photographic culture.



Sofía Coppola affirms that music is an essential component in her films. Music helps creating the desired environment. Music is present from the first stages of the creation process. Music inspire and influence, gives a soul to her films. In this sense, we are going to propose a selection of music. Listen and let yourself be carried away by its inspiration.

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