I loved it all! The invitations for self-observation, engaging with photography, discovering artists, exploring musical landscapes, and participating in a format that encourages the freedom to exhibit and share experiences on Instagram. And, above all, the introspective journey you have guided us through with great affection. I really enjoyed photography as a therapeutic and artistic tool. I would highly recommend this experience. I would love to repeat it!


I am passionate about photography, and giving myself permission to take different, intimate photos, which only I understand, helped me to further reinforce the internal process in each of AMAR’s actions. I gave myself this platform as a gift, fully intending to do every activity for myself and with myself, becoming the loved one. I enjoyed all the proposed activities.


I am just delighted. I took a lot away from the AMAR experience; I enjoyed it. The teacher’s voice is a caress to the soul. It helped me learn to value myself and share with my husband. I made him part of the experience. We enjoyed it together; we experienced it together. I loved him more for doing it with me. I discovered his sensitivity and love for me. The truth is I⁠ was moved by how he participated with me. What did it mean for him? I’m going to ask him.


The course can be as nourishing and profound as we desire. In my case, I’d wait those three days of the week to receive the audio clips with the photo links and the song recommendations. The audio clips are phenomenal!!! The narration is very well done, incorporating different angles and introducing renowned figures from diverse fields. These are really a few minutes to yourself. You can enjoy them like you would enjoy having a glass of wine with your best friend! Besides, the activities are gloriously fun. Sharing photos and/or messages with others is captivating. You can’t even imagine how pleasurable this course can be.


It was an astonishing experience! I vividly recall seeing the advertisement at the year’s end and viewing it as an opportunity to break from my routine. However, I ended up surpassing that expectation: shattering paradigms, reshaping ideas, challenging beliefs, evolving pictures, and adopting novel methods to explore myself. I have always loved photography, but I’ve now come to recognize that there’s a deeper layer beyond just lighting, framing, and composition. It’s about the essence within the photo and the inspiration that drives the artist to craft such meaningful art. I loved it!


I was impressed by the methodology used in the teaching-learning process. Incorporating psychology into the activities added significant value, facilitating my self-reflection, self-knowledge, and decision-making. Thank you very much for such a beautiful and unforgettable experience. I look forward to participating in another one of your courses. Thank you, Amparo and the ANDANA team, for your enthusiasm, dedication, and commitment.


The experience with the Andanafoto workshops brings joy. When you can no longer find answers on the outside, you are “forced” to change your focus, and there it is! Inside, intimately, where you don’t look because you don’t remember to, because you are too busy with other things, because you are terrified to look there, because you are ashamed, you don’t like it, because it hurts, because you don’t even think about looking there. And you realize there is much more than you think in your surroundings, everyday life, body, mind, and spirit. And, by the way, there’s beauty. And, above all, you have fun. I will stay with Andanafoto for a while longer. Thank you.


I loved the workshop. Through this very different experience, I learned about edge photography work, themes, and techniques. It was also very personal, innovative, and creative, as well as very well-planned and directed. The experience helped me a lot in my personal life. The workshop was excellent!! It was also straightforward and practical for those of us who are not photography professionals. Congratulations.


“I am what I don’t imagine” and “I am time” have been revealing to me. I experienced some resistance to doing them. I didn’t really feel like it. I couldn’t find the right image. Confronting the emotions the exercise stirred up helped me become aware of the “dark” parts I didn’t want to see. An adventure into myself through self-portraiture. A space to get to know myself better, express myself, and show myself as I am. A deep journey. The workshop is delightful.


Once again, it has been a pleasure to share another experience with ANDANA. Your approach is consistently infused with joy, and the resulting enjoyment becomes a powerful surge of energy and motivation. There is always an opportunity to reflect and take action. And, of course, I love how the experience involves all senses. No detail goes overlooked, and the passion and love for what you do is evident. I am so grateful to have coincided with you on my journey!