The ANDANAfoto Photography Award recognizes original photographic projects not awarded in any other contest. These are both artistic and thematic projects related to personal development. Each participant may submit only one project.

The awards are 1.000€ for the first and 500€ for the second. The jury will select the 2 awarded projects and 5 finalists, which will participate in a digital catalogue.

The projects  must be submitted in digital format until October 30, 2021 through the registration button enabled at the bottom of this page.

From the two winning projects, some images will be selected to be produced by ANDANAfoto and will become part of the ANDANAfoto Collection.



The theme will be about identity and personal development. Self-portrait, family album, self-records, identity and belonging.

The technique is free.




  • Be of legal age in your country.
  • Have participated or been participating in any of the ANDANAfoto trainings as of October 30, 2021.

Participation is open to both professional and non-photographers. Of any nationality. a personas profesionales o no de la fotografía y de cualquier nacionalidad.

The jury will not assess the works that don’t comply with the conditions of participation.




The registration and shipping of projects can only be done from the form enabled at You can access it from the button at the bottom of this page.

Each participant may submit a project with a minimum of 10 photographs and a maximum of 15.

The project must be presented in digital format.

The project and the photographs presented will be original and can’t have been awarded in another contest.

The contestants certify the authorship of their works and are fully responsible for the fact that there are no third-party rights. As well as any claim for image rights of the pieces of work presented, exempting ANDANAfoto from any responsibility.

To participate it’s necessary to fill in all of the REGISTRATION FORM fields.

The photographs will be attached to this form. The minimum size in its shortest border will be 1.200px and the weight of each of the files can’t exceed 1 Mb. The image format must be JPG.

The photographic files must be named only with the work’s title, without the author’s name in them.

It will be necessary to attach an anonymous dossier (in PDF format) with the following information:

  1. Explanatory text of the photographic project presented, with a minimum of 200 words and a maximum of 400 words.
  2. All the images of the project.
  3. Definition of the physical production characteristics of the work: paper, support, technique, dimensions, frame and qualities.
  4. Only the title of the submitted project should appear on the cover of the dossier.

A message will be displayed after sending the registration form, indicating the process has been carried out correctly. You will also receive an email that will serve as proof of presentation and participation.

If you don’t receive this email, please get in touch with ANDANAfoto at

Both the photographs and the documentation presented may not contain any identifying data of the authorship. The failure to comply is a reason for exclusion from the contest.

The deadline for submission of photographs is October 30, 2021 at 23:59h.




First Award: $1,000

Second Award: $500

Besides. the jury will select 5 projects as finalists.


The award will be subject to the current tax legislation of each country, applying the legally established withholdings.

The authors of the awarded photographs (first and second award) must send the organization the print files corresponding to the selected project, in the first ten days after the publication of the results. ANDANAfoto will be able to select some images for the physical production of the project. As far as possible, all the production needs indicated in the dossier will be taken into account.

The cost of physical reproductions of the selected photographs of the awarded projects is borne by ANDANAfoto. These reproductions will be property of ANDANAfoto and they will become part of the ANDANAfoto’s collection and possible future exhibitions.

The winning projects may be used by the organising entity. This rights transfer implies that ANDANAfoto will have the right to reproduce and display the photographs of the winning projects. Without time of place limit, in any media or edition. Always mentioning the author.



It’s made up of professionals of national and international prestige. Their decision will be not subject to appeal.

Pedro Vicente

PhD in Fine Arts by UPV, Master of Art Theory by Goldsmith College in London and degree (BA Hons) in photography by The Surrey Institute of Art & Design (Franham, United Kingdom).

Currently is the director of the Master in Photograhy and Design Master in ELISAVA-Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona; external director of the Master in Photography, Art and Techniques of the UPV and director of the online Master in Photography and Design of Shifta. Also visiting teacher of History and Theory os Photography at the University for the Creative Arts (Farnham, United Kingdom)

He has published the books “Instantáneas de la Fotografía” (Arola, 2009), “Álbum de Familia” (La Oficina, 2013) and “Álbum de Familia y Prácticas Artísticas” (2018).

He is currently the director of ViSiONA, Programa de la Imagen de Huesca, a cultural project organized by the Diputación Provincial de Huesca. The objective of the program is to promote, support and disseminate contemporary artistic creation and thought around the Image.

Virgina Espa

DpH in Art History and Degree in Medicine by the Universidad de Zaragoza. Trained as a photographer in the atelier of the Spectrum Sotos gallery in Zaragoza and in the Facultad de Arte y Arquitectura of Rotterdam.

Since 1995 she has been a teacher of Plastic Arts and Photography Design at the Escuela de Arte of Huesca. She has organized collaborative projects in the classroom, in coordination with various institutions and entities in relation to the theory, practice and history of photography. Since 1990 she has participated in publications and exhibitions about the history of photography in Aragon.

In her career as an artist, she has done individual exhibitions and has participated in collective art, photography and electronic imaging projects. She has obtained awards and fellowships in international plastic art competitions.

Recently, she reconstructed the biographies of his grandfather, Domingo Lasaosa Morer and her mother, Elena Lasaosa Lafarga, in the program Visiona (Diputación de Huesca). Her grandfather was a Spanish republican who was shot in Huesca in September 1936. She made it from the family photo albums.

Eduardo Dacosta

Degree in Advertising and Public Relations and Art History at Universidad de Sevilla. Photographer, researcher, disseminator and teacher specialized in contemporary photography.

Photography teacher for 20 years in the Escuela de Arte de Sevilla since 2005 where he teaches “Proyectos de Fotografía” and “Teoría de Fotografía” at the Ciclo de Grado Superior de Fotografía and “Fotografía Narrativa: el Fotolibro” at the Estudios Superiores de Diseño Gráfico.

Teacher at the Escuela Pública de Formación Cultural de Andalucía. Honorary collaborating teacher at the Arts and Architecture Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Malaga for the subject of Photography. Collaborating teacher of the University Master’s Degree in Imagen and Communication of Architecture at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Málaga.

Content creator and tutor of the “Arte y Cultura Visual” course in the virtual classroom for teacher training of the Ministry of Education and Sports of the Junta de Andalucía for the CEP of Sevilla, Córdoba and Almería.

As a photographer he has several artistics proposals: “Mentiras” 2006; “Apariencias” 2009, “Vallas” 2012 e “Idea, copia y reproducción” 2015.



Each participant will receive an email indicating the result of the contest. Also the winners and the finalists will be published on ANDANAfoto’s website.




The award-winning projects and selected by the jury will be part of the edition of a digital catalogue.




  • Admission deadline: October 20, 2021 at 23:59h.
  • Jury decision: November 10.
  • Notification of jury decision: November 15.
  • Awards presentation and publication of the catalogue: December 15, 2021.




Participation in this call implies full acceptance of each and every one of the contest rules and the final decision of the jury and the explicit waiver of any subsequent claim.


The Organization is empowered to resolve any contingency not provided for in these Bases, without allowing any type of claim on its decisions.

Download the bases in PDF here.






More information or inquiries related to this event at