I was fascinated by this new experience because, through it, I could get to know myself, love myself, and show myself, including my defects, without fear of being ridiculed or of what people might say. I feel very confident. Thank you.


This workshop gives you the little push you need to go deeper, feel, and live unexpectedly. It helps you surprise yourself.


A beautiful and enlightening course to connect with your emotions and the act of loving. It’s doable, even if you have little time. A beautiful gift to give yourself!


The courses they teach are extraordinary! I couldn’t be more grateful for everything I’ve learned. Thanks to ANDANAfoto, I’ve seen the perspective of the photography behind the photo, the inspiration, and intention behind it!


A friend recommended the course to me, and I didn’t know what to expect… I loved the concept, and doing it motivated me very much. It’s like going to therapy! When it ended, I felt sad knowing I would no longer receive the audio clips and ideas they gave us. However, I am happy to know they have more courses ❤️ Thanks for helping us discover the art living in us.