I loved it all! The invitations for self-observation, engaging with photography, discovering artists, exploring musical landscapes, and participating in a format that encourages the freedom to exhibit and share experiences on Instagram. And, above all, the introspective journey you have guided us through with great affection. I really enjoyed photography as a therapeutic and artistic tool. I would highly recommend this experience. I would love to repeat it!


I was impressed by the methodology used in the teaching-learning process. Incorporating psychology into the activities added significant value, facilitating my self-reflection, self-knowledge, and decision-making. Thank you very much for such a beautiful and unforgettable experience. I look forward to participating in another one of your courses. Thank you, Amparo and the ANDANA team, for your enthusiasm, dedication, and commitment.


The experience with the Andanafoto workshops brings joy. When you can no longer find answers on the outside, you are “forced” to change your focus, and there it is! Inside, intimately, where you don’t look because you don’t remember to, because you are too busy with other things, because you are terrified to look there, because you are ashamed, you don’t like it, because it hurts, because you don’t even think about looking there. And you realize there is much more than you think in your surroundings, everyday life, body, mind, and spirit. And, by the way, there’s beauty. And, above all, you have fun. I will stay with Andanafoto for a while longer. Thank you.


“I am what I don’t imagine” and “I am time” have been revealing to me. I experienced some resistance to doing them. I didn’t really feel like it. I couldn’t find the right image. Confronting the emotions the exercise stirred up helped me become aware of the “dark” parts I didn’t want to see. An adventure into myself through self-portraiture. A space to get to know myself better, express myself, and show myself as I am. A deep journey. The workshop is delightful.


My Chi-kung training website is on hold because I didn’t want to put photos of me looking at the camera. I didn’t want to publish videos and so on. In short, I didn’t want to show myself. And I did it as an exercise, but I didn’t think about how much it would affect me, how much I would play, or how much I would discover. For me, one of the most fascinating things about teaching is witnessing that unique moment when the other is surprised and “notices” or discovers things they haven’t seen before. You made me jump from surprise to surprise!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you infinitely for guiding me on this incredible transformative journey and helping me realize the profound connection my heart shares with the art of photography—an awareness I had never experienced until now. Thank you very much!!! See you in the next one… Did you think I was going to miss it?


It’s been a long time since I took a workshop that was agile, dynamic, interesting, profound, and creative at the same time! The prompts sparked a lot of interest and inspiration, motivating me to keep contemplating new photographic projects. I was also very interested in the path of self-exploration we were taking… Again, congratulations and thanks!


It was an intense yet profoundly beautiful experience. I felt very special. It has stirred a lot within me and altered my self-perception. I surprised myself in certain situations I didn’t expect to experience. I laughed, cried, and felt excited… I never felt alone, which was very nice. You’re great!!! The authors you always use as inspiration are very interesting and appropriate for the exercise. This project has just begun for me. I want to say thank you to Amparo and Javier because you are great and very professional. I would do it all over again tomorrow!!!


I loved it. It has connected me closely with my creativity, occasionally catching me by surprise. Without having a clue about photography, I have taken some amazing shots. I’m recommending it to my people.


Each activity has been an experiment and a self-discovery process. It encourages you to explore, observe details about yourself, and reflect. I highly recommend it.


The experience was wonderful; I never want it to end. It helped me listen to myself and have moments exclusively for myself throughout the day. It’s like a form of meditation or a parallel universe of continuous and special learning. It has stirred me up in places within me I didn’t know I had, and it has been a source of motivation for me during the pandemic. It’s also amazing to see the work of different people on Instagram. Congratulations on your work. You are great.