It was a great experience; it informed my practice and helped me open up to new ideas while revisiting old ones from new angles. And I loved the artist’s inspirations; education on other artists’ works is very important! The songs were a fun addition as well.


The subjects I worked on and the entire concept helped me believe in myself more and trust my instincts, especially as a photographer. It rekindled my connection with photography and guided me to discover my own style. While I haven’t completed all the subjects yet, I intend to work through them at my own pace.


I have loved this course. While I’ve been a bit shy about tagging as much of my work as I had hoped (so others could see it), I want to express my gratitude. I’ve really enjoyed this experience.


It was an astonishing experience! I vividly recall seeing the advertisement at the year’s end and viewing it as an opportunity to break from my routine. However, I ended up surpassing that expectation: shattering paradigms, reshaping ideas, challenging beliefs, evolving pictures, and adopting novel methods to explore myself. I have always loved photography, but I’ve now come to recognize that there’s a deeper layer beyond just lighting, framing, and composition. It’s about the essence within the photo and the inspiration that drives the artist to craft such meaningful art. I loved it!


Starting from 11 o’clock, I eagerly awaited my message, knowing it was coming. The instructions consistently brought me happiness and a sense of surprise. These messages became my main motivation throughout the pandemic, especially during the challenging month of January, which felt like the end of the world and when regular gatherings and holidays were barely recognizable. Encouraging our imagination has been the most significant gift you’ve given us. Thank you so much, and I already find myself longing for more. Thank you.

Thank you.


This course unveiled to me the process of accepting myself and rediscovering freedom. It amplifies the way you look at things without adhering to stereotypes. Objects transform into subjects. It has enabled me to express my sensual side without society’s imposed sexual connotations. I now live and appreciate my body, thoughts, and how I perceive life’s internal and external elements. This opportunity serves as a reminder of the numerous people we love and who love us. Just like a cherished keepsake, it reminds us of our unique journeys. My days have become filled with vivid colors, images, and beauty. Thank you.
Thank you.


I am so grateful for this experience. I value genuine dedication and support in guiding individuals, whether embarking on their initial photographic journey or already acquainted with lighting and composition. I extend my gratitude for offering a fresh perspective on photography – an approach that’s both accessible and yet presents its own set of challenges. I wait anxiously for the new courses to get to know myself better and enjoy other people’s photography around the world like me.


It is so lovely when someone helps you collect everything inside you. For me, this experience felt like a rediscovery. Thank you so much!


A marvelous experience! It has allowed me to contemplate matters and dismantle any fears or barriers. I’ve gained insights into myself and the world around me. This experience has been entirely novel and fulfilling. It is great knowing I’m not the only crazy one, hahaha. Thank you so much, ANDANAfoto.


Hello! I found this journey to be amazing. This year, I chose to spend December 31st alone, away from family and friends. This course helped me better understand myself and recognize how I used activities to mask certain aspects. I learned to acknowledge my viewpoints and thoughts. While I couldn’t complete all the exercises, I intend to take my time over the upcoming days to work through them. Thank you so much! This experience has been beautiful.