It was a great experience; it informed my practice and helped me open up to new ideas while revisiting old ones from new angles. And I loved the artist’s inspirations; education on other artists’ works is very important! The songs were a fun addition as well.


I’ve just finished this course and I’ve got to say I loved it so much!I’ve been photographer for over 30 years now and I saw this on Instagram and thought this is what I need to challenge me creatively and make me think a different way about what I take and how I take it …and about myself to👍📷🥰 Highly recommended… I took this and would have never of thought of it before the course🙌


I loved it all! The invitations for self-observation, engaging with photography, discovering artists, exploring musical landscapes, and participating in a format that encourages the freedom to exhibit and share experiences on Instagram. And, above all, the introspective journey you have guided us through with great affection. I really enjoyed photography as a therapeutic and artistic tool. I would highly recommend this experience. I would love to repeat it!


I am passionate about photography, and giving myself permission to take different, intimate photos, which only I understand, helped me to further reinforce the internal process in each of AMAR’s actions. I gave myself this platform as a gift, fully intending to do every activity for myself and with myself, becoming the loved one. I enjoyed all the proposed activities.


I am just delighted. I took a lot away from the AMAR experience; I enjoyed it. The teacher’s voice is a caress to the soul. It helped me learn to value myself and share with my husband. I made him part of the experience. We enjoyed it together; we experienced it together. I loved him more for doing it with me. I discovered his sensitivity and love for me. The truth is I⁠ was moved by how he participated with me. What did it mean for him? I’m going to ask him.


This workshop has been one of my most enriching experiences, as it gave me an opportunity to explore my senses and capture the verbs related to the art of Loving. Also, with this workshop’s help, I could identify the love others express to me, accept it with gratitude and admiration, and reject what might seem like love but fails to hold its essence. In the course of this workshop, I could discover how I love and how I want to be loved. I loved it.


I thought I would find this workshop more difficult, but I didn’t… I flowed through it most easily. I didn’t focus on a romantic partner but on my family. And the experience has been very positive and enriching. For Action 15, Give time, I made a video of all my photos because I couldn’t even find the words. ANDANAFOTO… Thank you very much for everything. I found you at a challenging time in my life. And I think I’ve learned to recognize, accept, and channel my fears and feelings. I feel stronger and more capable and have developed the creativity I had kept hidden. I FEEL GREAT.


This month and with the AMAR course, I⁠ have had a wonderful and very intense experience, as I have experienced many sensations, feelings, and emotions together, especially because just this month, I was going through a rough patch, and this helped me externalize all the emotions I was experiencing. Thank you, Andanafoto, for this wonderful and intense course. Thank you for existing and making me love photography even more. You are the best. We love you.


The course can be as nourishing and profound as we desire. In my case, I’d wait those three days of the week to receive the audio clips with the photo links and the song recommendations. The audio clips are phenomenal!!! The narration is very well done, incorporating different angles and introducing renowned figures from diverse fields. These are really a few minutes to yourself. You can enjoy them like you would enjoy having a glass of wine with your best friend! Besides, the activities are gloriously fun. Sharing photos and/or messages with others is captivating. You can’t even imagine how pleasurable this course can be.


I thoroughly enjoyed doing this project. Some assignments took longer to process than others, so it was a great thing that I could do it at my own pace. It took me 3 months to complete! Looking back at some of the photos I am inspired to do them differently so maybe I can take the course again in the future.