Today, more than ever in history, we have the possibility to take pictures at any time. We create images quickly and easily. We create images because we can.

Any activity in our daily life can generate the impulse to take a picture. Photography is the new universal language. It involves us optically, neurologically, intellectually, emotionally, viscerally and psychically. Photography moves us forward and changes everything.

In this context, once again, ANDANAfoto takes one more step in the design of innovative photography workshops. Last October 1st, 2020, began Photography, the first workshop of self-knowledge through photography for WhatsApp.

With a previous registration, each participant will receive every day for 30 days, on their WhatsApp: audios with exercises, activities and music and a formative, sonorous and, mostly, visual, experience, with the aim of knowing the potential of photography as a tool of self-knowledge, communication and transformation.

Theoretically, based on humanistic psychology and the creative processes of contemporary art. They will meet artists who have worked with bodies, fears and their lives and will carry out exercises related to their own identity. Whenever they want, they will be able to share images and thoughts in a group created for this purpose.

Using the mobile phone to only to receive or make calls is something from the past. Today, mobile devices are, more than ever, an extension of life, a basic tool for many activities. Participants will discover that photographs themselves can begin a more personal and authentic process of growth, communication and creation.


A mobile phone is forever married to a camera. Both are an indivisible tandem; for this reason, we plan to use this union, taking advantage of all the possibilities of mobile devices for learning whenever and wherever we want, in an immediate and informal environment. These characteristics have great pedagogical potential if we talk about self-knowledge through photography.


Along with the psychologist Amparo Muñoz Morellà and the technical support of the expert in digital transformation, Javier Sancho Boils, the participants will create, for a month, images with little daily pills. They will know how creating photography and analyzing the work of others can lead to an understanding of how we see the world.


Today, photography is a language with the world, but also with ourselves. It is an artistic discipline, a support for creation and communication.


ANDANAfoto has already launched similar workshops in some organizations and educational centers using photography as a tool to improve education, promoting photography as an effective instrument for personal development and using the power of photography for social transformation, as well as it is indicated by its manifest.

A Photography-Based Online Workshop on Self-Discovery and Self-Knowledge