Psychologist and teacher. With over two decades of expertise, Amparo studies and supports individuals who use photography to enhance their creativity and facilitate their personal growth. Through her work over the years, she has provided valuable information via articles, masterclasses, and courses covering topics that intersect photography and psychology and embarked on personal photography projects. In collaboration with Javier Sancho Boils, she has created ANDANAfoto. Since 2015, they have offered photography workshops with various organizations and platforms. She is the author of the books “Fotografía para crecer. Guía práctica para enseñar fotografía en la infancia y adolescencia (Photography to Grow: A Practical Guide for Teaching Photography to Children and Adolescents)” and “Descubre la fotografía. Mirar, crear y disfrutar desde la infancia (Discover Photography: Look, Enjoy, and Create from your Childhood)”.

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